Late-night hosts respond to Trumps letter to Turkeys president and his tweet on Nancy Pelosi

Jimmy Kimmel

President Trump had a very difficult day today, said Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night. On the thousandth day of his presidency, Donald Trump met with Democrats and had what the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, called a meltdown. Which, is it even really a meltdown any more? Kimmel asked. Trump didnt have a meltdown he had a Wednesday.

The White House claims Trump was measured, factual and decisive, not hysterical, Kimmel continued, pointing to one of the presidents bizarre tweets from the day: a picture of Pelosi standing at a table full of men, captioned: Nervous Nancys unhinged meltdown!

He really should be writing headlines for the Enquirer instead of running the country, said Kimmel.

The meeting with Pelosi was ostensibly to discuss the Turkish invasion of northern Syria, a military strike against Americas Kurdish allies facilitated by the president when, over his military advisers objections, he removed US troops from the region.

Trump now is stuck because basically he gave the president of Turkey a green light to kill these people we promised to protect, Kimmel summarized. Republicans are even upset, with some demanding he reverse the decision, which he cant, because that would mean admitting he was wrong, which he doesnt do.

In an attempt at damage control, the White House on Wednesday released a letter written by Trump to Trukeys president, Recep Tayyip Erdoan. Im not sure what this was supposed to prove other than hes crazy, said Kimmel, quoting the first line: Lets work out a good deal! As if hes running a Honda dealership or something.

Trump sent the letter on 9 October, right before Erdoan proceeded to cross the Syrian border, so it was insane and ineffective, which is the art of the deal, said Kimmel.

Trevor Noah

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah poked at the hypocrisy of the Trump familys criticism of nepotism, especially in the case of Joe Bidens son Hunter. Its not a good look that a Ukrainian company hired Hunter Biden just months after Joe Biden became the Obama administrations pointman on Ukraine, because it looks very much like he got this business because of his fathers position, Noah began. And I understand why a lot of people would complain about that. What I dont understand is why these people are complaining about that.

These people would be Trumps sons Donald Jr and Eric, who have put Hunter Biden on blast at rallies and on Fox News, saying they had to give up overseas business for their fathers candidacy. Do you see me on any boards? Eric Trump asked Fox News.

The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow)

Hold up, so the Trump boys wanted to attack the Bidens and the issue they chose was nepotism???

October 17, 2019

OK, first of all, Im not surprised nobody has put Beavis and Forehead on any corporate boards, Noah responded. Secondly, if there was ever an example of people who got opportunities because of their names, its these two. For example, Donald Trump Jr was recently paid $50,000 to give a speech at a college. If he wasnt Donald Trumps son, why else would they be asking him to speak? Noah asked. To share his expertise on bad beards?

Besides, the Trump children have continued to build their businesses overseas in places such as India, Indonesia, Uruguay and the Philippines. Its like the Amazing Race with no running and no chins, joked Noah.

Still, at least Trumps sons are one step removed from the presidency, said Noah, because there are other Trump children who are in business and government. That would be his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, who work in the White House while maintaining overseas business interests; a dozen Ivanka Trump products just received copyright approval by the Chinese government.

OK, come on, China approved a dozen trademarks for Ivanka right as her dad was negotiating trade deals with China? You cant tell me thats not suspicious timing, said Noah. I mean thats like how right before Christmas, my mom said that a horrible accident happened at Santas factory. How does this happen every year, Mom?

To be clear, Noah concluded, Im not defending Hunter Biden. I dont know him, I dont know about his business. All Im saying is that the last people who should be talking about the blurred lines of family names and political influence are the people who are currently running their home office from the White House.



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